The next few years are gonna be hectic, what with me going to university and AmeriCamp and wanting to travel and stuff.

I really don’t want my ferret to get neglected. He can’t be indoor because my mum doesn’t like him, and I can’t rely on my dad to look after him while I’m away cause he has a job and stuff. But I don’t have the heart to give him away.

Someone please tell me what the right thing to do is.

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lets just all go and live in vans and tell the people we love that we love them all them time and realise that when your only problem is the sun rising too early and waking you up it’s a fucking good life
"Good morning Mummy" 💀


Teint de Nacre et Corps D’Ivoire, Yves Saint Laurent Beaute by Guy Bourdin

Tried to see the supermoon last night, and ended up stood in the wind and rain, staring down on the town. More nights should be appreciated like this. 🌙✨

tropical xx
Anonymous: Dream matchers aren't pagan. Native culture's aren't pagan. More importantly, they're closed cultures. Which begs the question, why then are you making dream catchers?


You know, I’m only going to answer this once – I have so many people saying this so I will address it – once.

My shop caters for all kinds of people, it sells everything from pentacles, to rosary beads, to dream catchers – yes, my shop caters for witches and pagans, but it isn’t JUST for witches and pagans.

In any case Pagans are a nature worshipping folk who generally speaking have a lot of respect for the Native American culture and beliefs, and as such they often purchase Native American wares. There is a demand in my shop for products like these and that’s why I sell them.

Some of the dream catchers, medicine bags etc. that I sell are made by the Native Americans on their reservations, and believe it or not, they WANT us to buy from them.

I cannot for the life of me understand why so many people have an issue with me selling items that cross cultures and religions – I believe that celebrating our differences is important, and frankly I think there are too many narrow minded people around – THEY are the problem, not me!.




Cat & My Hands - By: (Mike Batenev)
Playing around with props. I love my little rabbit skull, so cute! 💀✨
Shameless selfie 💁 Bindis are my favourite thing.
My shop really is my pride and joy. I have so many exciting new plans, the future is just beginning. I want to say a massive thank you to all of my amazing supporters, I would never have made it this far without you! 💐