panem et circenses || the brotherhood & warren





After striking out on his own, Warren had taken the long way back to the group. Like a moth to a flame he was unable to resist stopping at every booth winning armfuls of cheap trinkets and stuffed toys and flirting with the staff. Figuring he should probably find his friends however, he begrudgingly left the tombola booth (and the company of a rather cute carnie). Though as he turned, his eyes locked with a familiar face in the crowd.

He froze. For a moment, anger boiled up inside him at the memory of their last encounter. He wanted nothing more than to go over there and sucker punch a certain speedster in the head a couple of dozen times. But they were in a crowd, there were three of them and contrary to popular belief, Warren Worthington did have some common sense.

His gaze swept past the trio as if he hadn’t identified them as the villainous terrorists that they were and the x-man turned on his heel and strolled in the opposite direction.

He forced himself to walk casually, never turning back to see if they had taken the bait. Warren didn’t have to walk long before a plan came to him, or rather he walked into it. The sign read,




Perfect. He stopped to speak a few tense words to the carnie working the entrance. A lot of cash amongst other things were exchanged and the carnie promptly decided now was a good time to take his break. Warren headed inside. He had half of a plan. It would have to be enough.

Pietro really couldn’t help but to smile when he noticed the X-Man was in Brotherhood area alone. Well, at least he appeared to be alone at the moment. “Remain here looking pretty, sis.” Quicksilver told his red haired sister, then he looked to Mastermind with a grin. This meant things would end up being much more enjoyable than he expected at first. If he captured one of the X-Man for Magneto for sure he’d get some sort of prize.

"Mastermind, why don’t you follow me?" Then he reached for his pocket as he started walking at a slow pace so the other mutant could follow him. House of Mirrors really was just walking into a trap for the blond X-Man. This would be so easy. He even forgot about Unus and his fat friend for a moment. 

Jason looked over to where Quicksliver saw an X-men. Thinking to himself knowing that this X-men was setting himself up for a disaster in the making. 

Jason slowly followed Quicksliver to the House of Mirrors, seeing that this trip wont be so horrible Jason started to see the brightside  of it, now that they just spotted an x-men alone and seeming to be with no one else. 

There was no way Wanda was going to let her brother go off after an X-Man while she ‘stood there looking pretty’. At best, Pietro was rash when it came to decisions. She was usually the one to curb his enthusiasm. 

So she trotted after him. “You can’t get rid of me that easily,” she said, stepping into pace beside him. “Besides, what were you going to do, run circles around him and make him dizzy?”